Privacy Policy

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You might like to read this section to know more about how we process the customer's personal info.

Information about the visitor

Every time a person enters our website, we get information about the operating system and Internet browsing application they're using. No third-party organizations can access this info. It is utilized for our internal functions only and serves for improving the site’s quality level and making the layout more user-friendly.

Browser Cookies

Marketing analysis using Google Analytics is one of the major reasons we collect and make use of your browser cookies. Web cookies keep details about the visitor's Internet browser activity but do not provide any private data. Eventually, we are given summarized cookie analysis reports from Google to improve the website further.

Personal details

Certain details such as payment and contact info are critical to place the order successfully. You can be sure that this kind of personal data is kept absolutely confidential. Only order-related processes involve its usage. We can use your e-mail address only when we need to inform you of the order status changes or any associated matters. Our company under no circumstances sells this information and never gives any type of access to it. We can use mobile phone numbers only in rare cases if we want to ask about such things as vague extra instructions, corrupted files, and so on.

Links to External Resources

We can't be held accountable for partial, prohibited or inaccurate or in particular for issues which arise from the use or non-use of any material provided on linked resources. Consumer expectations are continuously changing, so we try to update our online privacy policy section routinely. Please remember to revisit this Privacy Policy section to see if any improvements were made.