Cookie Policy

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General meaning of cookies

Basically, cookies are pieces of information about our Web activity, which are usually located on the user's personal computer. Whenever you use your internet browser, they keep certain data regarding your activity on the worldwide network.

Cookies allow us to enhance our site according to your needs. For instance, you will be kept logged in for a particular interval and navigate the website easier.

Obviously, it's totally your choice to enable cookies or not. You're able to disable them if you don’t think that we need to use them by any means. But, in case you deactivate cookies, our website may malfunction on your laptop or computer.

Which are the types of cookies used?

Session and persistent cookies are those we make use of. The session type represents short-term cookies; they are created and exist only if your web browser is active. Session ones are kept as long as your web browser functions and their main job is monitoring your previous Internet activities. The other kind can also be called permanent since these cookies are kept regardless of whether your web browser is active or not.

Cookies’ functions

Cookies are utilized in the essential element of our website - our order form. Getting our assistance may turn into a problem in case you disable them. Cookies also enable next features:

  • tracking the order progress
  • maintaining you logged in
  • getting the data on the rate of using our program for plagiarism checking
  • helping every customer via our online chat
  • tracking client’s activity working with Google Analytics

Regarding third parties

Cookies are utilized when customers purchase our services. So, private data isn't sent to anybody that doesn't take part in the ordering process (pacing, writing, delivering etc.).

How do you handle cookies?

To erase the internet cookies or not is completely your decision; however, it is usually the main reason why our website doesn't work correctly on your PC. If there's actually a reason for you to remove or disable them, internet browser controls will assist you with this. All of the necessary directions should be accessible in the help section of your web browser.