Archaeology Research Paper Topics: How to Select the Best One

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Do you know how hard it is to select worthy archaeology research paper topics? At a glance, it is a simple task, but in real terms, this is a time-consuming process for any student. Archaeology is a fascinating and contradictory subject. Besides, this is a rare niche, and it is not as popular as marketing or banking business is. Nevertheless, it is more interesting to deal with the archaeology subject than with other “conventional” ones.

The principal objective of this review is to help university and college students understand how to cope with this task. Furthermore, we’ll explain what rules you should follow in order to come up with exciting ideas.

Tips to Follow Choosing a Worthy Topic

Your success in this area is contingent on the topic you select. Besides, you will face several challenges before you finally submit the paper. The work process of this task is fascinating, but also tricky. For that reason, if you don’t want to get bored and you wish to jump into an intriguing world of archaeology, you will need to go for a very interesting subject matter.

Firstly, topics for archaeology research papers should be well-familiar to a student. The key objective of this assignment is to evaluate your skills and knowledge in a particular area. That is why you shouldn’t work with an unknown area. Instead, you need to take to this topic like a duck to water.

Secondly, you should work hard to achieve your goal! This type of academic assignment makes students research in order to support their arguments. You will need to work with a variety of absolutely different resources, visit libraries and even check archaeological sites. You need to know how to use facts and figures in order to prove one or another statement.

In fact, this is a very rigorous process which takes a great deal of time. The fundamental purpose of this subject is to study the past and try to connect it to the present knowledge of the society. It just means you haven’t a right to make mistakes.

  • You should possess excellent researching skills.
  • You need to know the English language well enough.
  • You should be aware of the primary methods of structuring the information.
  • You need to have plenty of spare time.

Besides, you should also stay passionate about the selected topic.

What Should Students Bear in Mind?

As you probably understand, good research paper topics on archaeology are the key formula for success. Even so, there are several other crucial elements which you should take into consideration.

A selected topic should be relevant to a particular theme. If you doubt which subject is in demand today, you can contact your supervisor and discuss all aspects with them. Commonly, teachers are more experienced in this area and are always ready to provide students with valuable pieces of advice. They know what areas are popular today and what things you must avoid.

You should know how to work with resources and read a lot! For instance, if you rendered a decision to study the history of the Egyptian hieroglyphics, it is better to come to this country and visit a few museums personally. Do you have such an opportunity? If yes, it is a sin not to use it! If no, then your solution is to visit online museums, talk to those who specialize in this area and research a lot.

Brainstorming will help you understand lots of things that seemed to be unclear to you before. You will find answers to many questions!

20 Interesting Archaeology Research Paper Topics

Below, you can find several favorite topics allowing you to conduct interesting research in this area. Mayhap, this list will help you finally select the topic to work on:

  1. The use of modern technologies in archaeological excavations.
  2. The main tools of modern archaeologists.
  3. The history of the Egyptian hieroglyphics.
  4. Analyze the main findings of the Chinese civilization.
  5. Has the culture of the ancient Indians influenced the development of American culture?
  6. What are most significant archaeology findings of the 21st century?
  7. How to discover the exact age of an ancient civilization?
  8. What were archaeological tools used to discover the history of Mayan people?
  9. The discovery of the main amphitheater in the Colosseum.
  10. How can drones influence the course of modern archaeology research?
  11. The use of thermal imagery in the archaeological research.
  12. The modern Maya research program.
  13. Urban archaeology in North America.
  14. What tools are used to discover Egyptian Tombs?
  15. The main peculiarities of the Trojan War.
  16. What is the future of the underwater archaeology?
  17. What tools were used for Tandy Excavations at Tel Gezel?
  18. The best archaeological field schools.
  19. Everything about the Patagonians.
  20. How did our ancestors survive the Ice Age?