The Basics of an Informative Essay Outline Template

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Every student has to deal with an essay during their school years. However, sometimes we forget about some of its essential features, such as the outline. In this article, we are going to recall some structural and contextual features of the informative essay and try to create a sample outline for it.

For starters, it would be useful to determine the most distinctive peculiarities of this essay type. Its main purpose is to provide the audience with information about a phenomenon, event, concept, etc. The student should understand that their task is not to convince the reader that their opinion about the issue is the right one. It is important to remember that you need to inform the audience about the given topic without referring to your points of view in your informative essay.

To preserve the logical structure of their paper and not to deviate from the topic, students often use the outline which s a sort of a roadmap to a successful essay. It won't let you forget about the main aspects you wanted to focus on; the outline can also help you make your essay more logically-structured and coherent. But, before we proceed to create an informative essay outline template, let’s take a closer look at the outline itself because some unwritten rules are to be followed.

Guide on How to Write an Informative Essay Outline Properly

The informative essay structure doesn’t differ much from that of the other types. As you know, usually a good essay consists of:

  • Introduction. Here, you are to indicate what you are going to write about. Try to make it interesting for the audience to draw their attention.
  • Body paragraphs(~3). These paragraphs are the background for your central statement. For example, you can study the matter from different perspectives.
  • Conclusion. In it, you are to state what result you intend to achieve, what its significance is and how it can be implemented in real life or future studies.

While writing an informative essay outline, you are to remember that it should be simple and yet informative. Don’t let yourself get lost in the various points and subpoints of your outline. Make it understandable and include only keywords or phrases that will help you orient yourself in your entire paper. An outline for an informative essay should clearly show that you don’t lose your train of thought and know exactly what are you writing about. If necessary, you can include in the outline some additional points that can ensure smoother transitioning between different parts of your essay, as well as help your audience have a better understanding of the main idea.

Think of the outline for informative essay a skeleton of your work. Try to make it well-grounded and effective to be more confident while presenting your work.

Create a Template for Your Further Essays: Informative Essay Outline Example

Now that we have covered all the major features of the informative essay, it’s time to create a sample outline. It will help you understand the main idea of the outline, as well as let you successfully prepare for other academic papers.


  • Topic
  1. “Grab the audience’s attention” phrase
  2. Purpose of the essay
  3. Importance to the audience
  4. Central statement
  1. First main point + example
  2. Second main point + example
  3. Third main point + example
  1. Summarizing of all the materials
  2. Presenting a final result
  3. Relevance for the real world

As you can see, then informative essay outline is not that challenging, provided, of course, you know how to write it. Our guideline is designed with exactly this goal in mind, so all you need to do now is follow it step by step. Good luck!