Fast Food Essay - Writing Guide

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Which essay topic do you find the most difficult? We bet that your answer has nothing to do with the food topics! If you have to write a fast food essay, you might think that this task is super simple and, therefore, not take it seriously enough. Essay writing on fast food is filled with many pitfalls, which can slow down your progress significantly or even bring your paper to a complete standstill. Failure to understand that may not only land you in hot water with your instructor but also take a heavy toll on your grades. Therefore, navigating those pitfalls and thus increasing your overall writing competence is key to achieving a successful fast food essay.

Fast Food Nation Essay Ideas

If your task is to write an essay based on the book 'Fast Food Nation' written by Eric Schlosser, you might need to do some serious thinking c before getting down to the actual writing. Don't take the title of the book as the topic of your essay, but rather narrow your focus down to one aspect and make sure to investigate it thoroughly and completely. Remember, you don't write a book review, so restrict yourself to some facts only or refer to the author's viewpoint now and then to discuss your chosen topic.

Fast Food and Obesity Essay Points

What type of essay should you go with to cover the fast food topic exhaustively? If your topic sounds something like 'Fast food and obesity,' your best bet would undoubtedly be opinion, argumentative, or persuasive essays. Make sure you preserbe the main requirements for these essay types, as there many things to keep in mind.

Typical Structure of a Fast Food Essay

Generally speaking, the structure of the fast food essay doesn't differ much from that of the other essay types. All you need to do is follow the standard 5-paragraph structure: an introduction, three body paragraphs, and conclusion. The first paragraph should contain an introduction in which you are to come up with a thesis, prove the topic's relevance, and focus on the main aspect to give the readers some idea of what your paper's primary message is. The introduction is followed by the body paragraphs (a minimum of three paragraphs is required), each of which should focus on a specific idea which you outlined in the introduction. If you feel three paragraphs is not enough for you, feel free to add more but remember to choose the most important and relevant info and stay within the word limit. Last in sequence but not least in importance comes the conclusion, which summarizes your work and outlines essential points of it. Make sure your conclusion is connected to your introduction, so the readers have that all important sense of completion, meaning that all the questions raised have been answered comprehensively and cogently.

Fast Food Essay Introduction

If you've made up your mind about the topic, it's time to move on to the next stage, which is writing drafts. So, what should your introduction be like? For the majority of essays, the best way to start would be to provide some background info which would lead the readers to a more specific topic in the following sentences. It's also a good idea to narrow down the topic and state the problem you want to discuss in the subsequent sections of your essay. Come up with a one- or two-sentence thesis statement which should reflect the main problem and connect everything you are going to write about in the essay. Once you're done with your thesis statement, outline 3 or 4 main argumentative points which will be covered in the body paragraphs.

Fast Food Essay Body

In this section, you should focus on all the arguments you've stated in the introduction, so make sure each of your paragraphs conveys a specific point. Start each new paragraph with the main sentence which will have the same function as the thesis, i.e.outline what the paragraph's main point is. It is also crucial that you support your argument with evidence, source citations, facts, data, etc. If you compare contrasting points, use different sources but be sure to use sources which are not older than five years. Keep in mind that there might be exceptions to this rule if the source is recommended by your professor or the book's edition hasn't been updated recently.

Fast Food Essay Conclusion

While preparing the conclusion, keep in mind the type of essay you've picked and also its purpose. Connect the aspects you've presented in the introduction by synthesizing the content of the body section, restating it, and writing a new text based on the previous info. You could also include issues for subsequent studies whose authors are likely to focus on your research topic.

For example, fast food is proven to have a harmful effect on our health, and this is no news to the people who consume it on a daily basis. However, the fast food industry remains profitable as the number of people eating convenience food is continually growing. One of the significant factors contributing to the growth in junk food consumption is the constantly increasing pace of life that causes people to cook a lot less or not to cook at all. Another reason for the surge in the fast food popularity is its taste which makes it more appealing than less fatty and spicy home-made food. And last but not least, commercials. There are all sorts of flashy ads these days advertising the ease and convenience of junk food, so there's little wonder why increasingly more people are getting hooked on it.

Fast Food Essay Topics – for Good Papers

If you're still clueless about how to start your fast food essay, why not check out these topics we've come with for you? They may come in real handy:

  • What are the primary reasons for people to eat fast food?
  • Fast food and its role in modern society
  • Veganism vs. fast foodism: which of the two will prevail?
  • Is modern lifestyle getting dictated by the fast-food industry?
  • Should celebrities do fast food commercials? Why?
  • Health risks associated with fast food consuming.
  • Fast food addiction: fact or myth?
  • Is home delivery the only possible future for fast food restaurants?
  • Is fast food worse than GMO products?
  • How fast food affects our eating behavior.

With our tips and essay ideas, writing a fast food paper will not be a problem for you anymore!