Marketing Research Paper: Where to Start and How Not to Lose

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The global market and marketing research are continually developing. Marketing analysis provides essential and relevant information about the situation in the market, the effectiveness of the company’s promotional efforts, the right promotional strategy f and possible directions for business development. But then the question inevitably arises: What is a marketing research paper? Marketing research is a kind of sociological research that focuses on studying the market situation, desires, preferences and behavior of consumers and other players in the market. It presupposes systematic search, collection, and analysis of information in order to make the right t decisions about the production and marketing strategy of the company. That means that your marketing research paper will include not only information about the current situation in the global (or any other) market but also raise some critical issues or problems, suggesting their possible solution.

There are several main tasks you are to solve while writing the research paper on marketing:

  • Search: collection, filtering, and sorting of information for further studies;
  • Descriptive tasks: identifying the problem’s central factors;
  • Casual tasks: searching for the interrelation between specific factors and the identified problem;
  • Tests: verifying ways of solving a particular marketing problem;
  • Predictive tasks: anticipation of how the market situation might develop in the future.

Since marketing has a significant impact on the development of all countries, is interconnected with economics, living standards and many other areas of our world, you will undoubtedly be dealing with the research paper on marketing during your studies. This assignment will not only help you in your entrepreneurship efforts but also improve your analytical skills and further your knowledge of the required field. Of course, marketing itself has a wide range of aspects, and it’s, therefore, important to choose from among various marketing topics for a research paper the one that will suit your purpose. Use our list of the most relevant and exciting marketing research topics and choose the one you want to explore to get the highest grade.

Marketing Research Paper Topics for Successful Writing

  1. How brand image influences customer loyalty.
  2. Direct marketing and how people feel about it.
  3. The impact of the mass media on buying behavior.
  4. Advertising recession in the context of marketing.
  5. The main strategy behind impulse buying.
  6. How humorous advertising affects consumers.
  7. Customers’ perception: does ‘well-known’ always imply ‘high-quality’?.
  8. Psychology in advertising: men and women’s weak points.
  9. The role of packaging in market demand (using the example of milk).
  10. The importance of in-store shelf spacing and its impact on buying intention.
  11. The ness of radio as an effective advertising method.
  12. Primary factors to satisfy teenage customers.
  13. How marketers use our characters to sell their products.
  14. How the brand’s good reputation helps with brand extension.
  15. Social media as a new advertising method.
  16. How credit cards increase our desire for buying.
  17. The role of language targeting in promoting ethnic advertising.
  18. Governmental market regulations.
  19. Technological advances in marketing.
  20. Key steps to make a new brand successful.
  21. The issue of environmental friendliness in brand preferences.
  22. Display advertising and its successors.
  23. The main factors in creating new brands.
  24. Ways of predicting economic trends.
  25. How celebrity endorsement in advertising affects the pre-evaluation of a product.
  26. What influences the choice of a target audiences.
  27. What makes successful brand management.
  28. The role of social media in the development of small businesses.
  29. The significance of emotional value in a cashless society.
  30. Ways of achieving brand salience.
  31. How brand placement affects product sales demand.
  32. Advertising and its harmful effects on kids.
  33. Variety of packaging and ways it influences the consumer.
  34. The interrelation between credit cards and impulse buying.
  35. Artificial intelligence and how it could help customers make the right decisions.
  36. Gender-based marketing.

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