Money-Back guarantee

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While using the assistance of our company you can have every confidence in its level of quality as every single customer is very important for us. We realize just how significant it's for customers to know their rights and choices offered by our service, that is the reason we wrote this article, namely our money back guarantee. We believe that when the consumer is informed about conditions and peculiarities of the work process, it's something that will surely improve the quality of our services.

Being supplied with exceptional papers despite tight time frames, our clients are completely satisfied and do not need this option. Bear in mind, among many services we provide our clients with we have an option of free revision .

We would like to guarantee that your money will be if your situation matches the prescribed descriptions. Make sure you take notice of the fact that based on the specifics of your order the refund could be full or partial.

100% refund

  1. The client made two identical orders by accident
    In case of finding yourself in this kind of situation, we recommend our customers to get ahold of our consumer support department and inform us at the earliest opportunity. Place the order mindfully and try not to waste any time in case of a mistake because once the order processing has begun, you will not be able to return the entire sum.
  2. Cancelling the order before the writer is selected
    No in-depth clarification is needed in such a case. Each purchaser has the right to receive a full refund before the writer starts working on your order.
  3. Lack of free writers
    We hire only writers skilled enough to complete orders of different intricacy, but it could happen that there won't be any matching writers available because we have a really heavy workload, or/and the ordered task is very demanding in terms of specific knowledge on a complex topic.
  4. A bill settled twice
    We are very careful with all the orders, but sometimes even this kind of mistakes can be inadvertently made. Having been charged twice for one order, do not hesitate - notify us about it at the earliest opportunity. Bear in mind that you'll be able to receive a full refund only after providing us with the copies of your receipts.

Partial refund

Sometimes you'll get a partial refund when your situation corresponds to one of the defined below:

  1. Delayed delivery
    Occasionally, as a result of various unforeseeable difficulties, it might be tricky to deliver the task by the due date. Luckily, such situations arise incredibly rarely In this instance there are a few aspects that determine the sum of the refund, so every single case is talked about with the customer. Sometimes, complications with the timeliness of the order might be a consequence of the customer's actions or their lack. It sometimes is difficult for us to start working on the task because the customer has not provided us with some essential materials. That is the reason the money-back option may not be available in case of an overshot deadline. Do not forget to attach all the required files on time. It would make certain that your writer delivers an exceptional paper for you with no delays.
  2. The work on your assignment has been started, but you wish to cancel your order
    Here, you can receive up to 70% of the full sum to pay for writer's work with the rest. Make sure you call off your order when there's more than half of the settled time still left to the deadline. Otherwise, you'll receive only a 50% of the spent amount back.
  3. Claims after you've received a finished order
    When you've got some claims regarding the final result after receiving the order, our administration will look into your case. If it's really our fault and your complaints are reasonable, we'll provide you with a partial refund according to the circumstances. Thanks to the expertise of our writers, their reliability and good reputation, such cases almost never happen.
  4. Noticed plagiarism?
    Any purchaser, who's shown us the existence of plagiarism in the finalized paper is eligible for a revision or partial refund.

No refund

  1. You got a lower mark than wanted
    We do our utmost to provide our customers only with top-quality works, but, unfortunately, those cannot always ensure the highest mark, as it generally is determined by your professor's or teacher's discretion and your knowledge on the subject (e.g. in case you have to defend it).
  2. You requested editing, formatting, proofreading
    Whenever you request our company to edit, proofread or format your own work, its content will be kept untouched. Thus, we do not take any liability for claims regarding its content.

Money-back process

After you get a confirmation of your refund, our company will fulfill it within 5 working days as from the confirmation day. When there are some issues during the transaction involving any third-party organizations, keep in mind that such claims aren't subject to review.

Trying to get your money back, remember that its amount needs to be more than 10 USD; otherwise, you just will not have the opportunity to use this option because of transaction fees required by banks. Apart from the refund itself, it's possible to use your money to pay for our future help, keeping the refund amount on your personal account.