Geography Essay - General Writing Tips and Topics

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When you are required to write an essay about geography, you should include both theory and detailed case studies into your work to support your subject. Keep in mind that your teacher will pay attention not just to your knowledge of geography, but also to your ability to support facts with pertinent information. It's critical to view things from different perspectives, but showing their interrelation is equally important. In your work, you should explore a particular topic and move into detailed analyses when looking for relevant sources. Many geography subjects are connected with philosophy, sociology, politics, and psychology, so you should use information from corresponding sources to investigate your topic.

Any geography essay explains the existence and appearance of physical and non-human-made things. For example, these papers demonstrate how some natural resources such as mountains, plateaus, and canyons have appeared. In geography essay writing we also can explain to the readers the significance of these formations. Usually, such kind of essays is not very easy to write for students because they require a lot of time, research and creative skills, and also an excellent writing ability. This article is a small guide to writing a successful geography essay.

How to make the essay about geography

When you are about to write a geography thematic essay, first of all, you need to choose a good topic of your future work. You may be provided with material by your teacher, but in some cases, you might be required to choose it by yourself. Here are some tips on selecting a subject:

  • Pick a topic you are familiar with, so it will be much easier for you to write your work
  • Remember that your subject should catch your readers' attention. Make it clear, simple and not dull
  • Don't make your topic very broad, because it will be difficult to structure your work properly

And here are some examples of geography essay topics:

  • Why is the climate on our planet changing?
  • Solar system and Earth
  • Natural and human-made landscapes
  • Why do hurricanes occur?
  • The main reason of tsunami
  • How we can predict volcanic activity
  • The conflict between human and nature
  • The topography of a river
  • How does soil erosion happen?
  • Alternatives of burying our waste
  • How can we prevent air pollution?
  • The main reasons of coastal erosion
  • The importance of deserts in our ecosystem
  • Climatic condition in the USA
  • How the climate changed over the past fifty years

Before you start working on your paper, you have to sketch out a draft. Making a short plan of your future work will help you to include all the needed things into your essay. Here is how a typical outline looks like:

  1. Introduction – in this part you present the subject to readers and explain to them what you are going to do it your work. You also have to include a thesis statement here (the main idea of your paper written in one or two sentences). A good advice is to write your geography essay introduction when you have already written all other parts. Of course, you can start with a draft and make the necessary corrections later.
  2. Body part – this is the central part of your work that should be separated into several paragraphs. Here you should put research and facts from reliable sources to support everything you stated. Keep in mind that all information you put here should be related to the thesis. Organize your paper well - put different things in separate paragraphs.
  3. Conclusion – the final logical part. You need to make a brief review of the work and provide readers with your opinion. Remember that the summing-up should also explain the importance of your work, and try to avoid putting any new information there.

It is highly advisable to use various sources for writing, such as papers on geography, maps, literature reviews, library books, course material, and online data. Don't forget to include a glossary to explain the definition of terms that were used in your work.

When your essay is finished, proofread it thoroughly and correct the grammar mistakes. Check if you labelled all diagrams and graphs (if you used any).

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