Good Research Topics for Any Occasion

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How do you write an excellent research paper? There are basic and primary rules, following which you will succeed in dealing with this assignment. Of course, your research paper should have a precise and clear Introduction containing your central statement, as well as a thorough and informative body part with all the necessary evidence and relevant research methods. Also, do not neglect the conclusion section, which should give the reader a clear idea of the results of your work and its importance for further investigation of a particular issue. But there’s more to writing a good research paper than that! The most crucial thing to do before you even start writing the paper itself is to choose a relevant and attention-grabbing topic.

The right topic is a matter of paramount importance. Sometimes, it will be enough just to read the subject of the paper to understand its relevance and value for a particular field. Therefore, a good topic has a great impact on whether your research paper will be successful. Which begs the question: what are good research topics and where to find them? Firstly, the topic of a research paper can directly depend on the field of your study, which is why you should narrow down your topic so that it matches a particular study area. The next step will be to identify the most relevant problem and conduct your research based on it. We have come up with a list of the most prominent issues, and a list of research topics for each of them. We are sure that by choosing one of these topics you’ll be able to execute a well-written paper.

5 Thought-provoking Psychology Research Topics

Psychology studies all the processes that identify us as individuals with different personalities and characters. We are all interested in what happens in the other person’s mind, how to establish good relationships with others and how to make a positive impression on them. And this is exactly what psychology can help you with.

  1. Is sexism always associated with prejudice and discrimination?
  2. Ways of persuasion in marketing.
  3. How do the mass media sexualize women?
  4. The issue of ADHD in the parent-child relationship.
  5. Exploring classical conditioning (on the basis of Pavlov’s dog experiment).

5 Sociology Research Topics to Change Your Mind

Thanks to sociological studies we perceive sociology as an empirical science, which serves to meet the current immediate needs of society. However, this is only an external level of research, which does not limit the range of sociological topics for research papers.

  1. Social protest movements: causes and effects.
  2. The image of homosexuality in the media.
  3. The issue of low-income schools in suburban areas.
  4. Sexuality in Disney’s cartoons.
  5. Cultural roots and central themes of myths and legends.

Top-5 Nursing Research Topics

Being in the hospital, we often think about the health of our relatives or ourselves, but there are also many issues that are worth paying attention to.

  1. Reproductive healthcare for women.
  2. The problem of nurses’ safety.
  3. Ways in which nursing impacts cultural issues.
  4. Women's health: lesbians and HIV.
  5. Leading causes of child mortality in the USA.

5 Biology Research Topics to Excite Your Profs

Biology is key to understanding ourselves and the world around us. That’s why we are to be aware of its various aspects.

  1. Skin conditions and treatment
  2. The issue of the otter extinction
  3. Interrelation of flower color and pollination ability
  4. Biology of the bipolar disorder
  5. Designing of in silico drug

5 Chemistry Research Topics worth Mentioning

Advances in chemistry are widely used nowadays, creating more and more different possibilities for our generation. How do we apply chemistry in our daily lives?

  1. What is inside organic food?
  2. Nanofluidic based cells
  3. Chemistry figures: Richard Heck’s legacy
  4. The chemical danger of soft drinks
  5. Nanotoxicology in environmental issues

Easy as 1,2,3: 5 Math Research Topics

Being a foundation for all sciences, mathematics, is undoubtedly an inexhaustible source of research paper ideas.

  1. Mathematical models of saving extinct species
  2. Operator theory in polydisks
  3. Applications of the Knot theory
  4. The Graph Theory and Combinatorics
  5. Bio-fluid dynamics

5 Economic Research Topics for Enjoyable Exploration

Economics is not just about numbers and graphs — it also has a significant impact on our lives and our countries’ development. Study some economics-related matters in depth and try to confirm it.

  1. The mechanism of labor markets.
  2. How does economics influence the choices the government makes?
  3. Development of economic analysis.
  4. Home equity and moral hazards.
  5. The feminist economics phenomenon.

Distinguishing Statistics Research Topics

To investigate some essential statistical aspects, you can include in your research the following issues:

  1. Worldwide Immigration statistics.
  2. Child survival at birth. Correlation analysis.
  3. Statistical analysis of criminal offense record.
  4. The matter of probability and statistics in the modern world.
  5. Comparative analysis of estimation methods.

‘High 5’ Anthropology Research Topics

Anthropology accompanies us throughout our lives. Science is still full of secrets, and your task is to solve all of its riddles successfully.

  1. The issue of anthropology in political organizations.
  2. The anthropology of storytelling.
  3. History of the gift-giving custom.
  4. The role of religious beliefs nowadays.
  5. Feminism through the prism of different cultures.

How Do You Become a New Einstein? 5 Best Physics Research Topics

What is physics and what other surprises it has in store for our generation? Physics can open all the secrets of our existence if we find the right approach to it.

  1. The horizon issue.
  2. Radio Impurities in dark matter exploration.
  3. Using the position in medicine.
  4. Causes of space roar.
  5. Astronomy and gravitational wave.

We wish you the best of luck with writing your research paper and hope that our suggestions will help you make it perfect and enjoyable.